Tailor-made tours versus independent travel

tailor-made tour of Egypt is going to be more enjoyable compared to an independently designed itinerary. When designing an itinerary on your own, you can end up missing out on key information about places. Since you only have limited time to travel, you may struggle to plan your days to make the most of your time in the different cities and towns around the country. It may get frustrating to negotiate with the taxi-drivers, felucca ride providers and horse-carriage operators without a local to guide you.

On a personalized tailor-made tour, travelers get exclusive entries to sights that are otherwise not open to regular tourists who travel independently. There is also no question of overpaying for services as all costs are covered by the travel agency. Private tours turn out to be more convenient and economical and you will be secure from the local haggling. The local travel operators have an extensive network of partnerships with hotels, restaurants, entertainment providers, transport providers, and other services. So they know the right hotels and experiences to recommend and book for you based on your budget.