Cairo Tour by bus (1 day tour)

from/per person $50
  • Cairo


$50 per person

Duration – 1 day 1.40 to 23.30
Days: Monday, Thursday, Saturday,

Cairo – is the capital of Egypt and the biggest city of the African continent. Let’s feel a heartbeat of Arabic east

Here you can visit the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx, see the Egyptian national museum, have lunch on the banks of the Nile and go to Papyrus Factory

Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo Tour program:

  • Departure from Sharm El Sheikh to Cairo at 01.00 by bus. Arrival at Cairo at 7:00 am
  • Visiting the National Museum of Cairo
  • Lunch on the bank of Nile
  • Visiting the Pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza
  • Factory of perfume and papyrus factory
  • Departure back to Sharm El Sheikh

 What should you take:

  •  Passport
  • Breakfast from hotel
  • Water

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes during the tour.

In Egypt, in a suburb of Cairo, the whole complex of Giza pyramids is located on the Giza Plateau. In order to get to these memorable places of old Giza town on the Nile, you will need to cover the distance of about 4,97 miles to the desert’s heart. Such well-known and truly priceless historical monument as the Egyptian necropolis.

Also, the complex includes: Menkuara Pyramid, Khafre Pyramid, as well as less important and not so large and magnificent buildings of antiquity, as already mentioned, the Great Pyramid also called the Pyramid of Cheops or Khufu Pyramid is a part of the ancient talking about the pyramids ‘queens’ pyramids of valley, pavements. The Great Pyramid, the Pyramid of Cheops – which is known as one of the “Seven Wonders of the World”, the past century and preserved up to our days, it is also the largest of the pyramids of Egypt. The pyramid’s pride is the Great Sphinx, whose gaze, depicted in stone is directed to the east. Originally majestic centuries- old building was at 480.97 feet, equivalent to the skyscraper of 50 floors.

However, time has made some changes and the pyramid through centuries has lost its crown – “piramidion”, it was a result of earthquake that once happened here, which cost as much as a stone statue of 30.84 feet height. Today the pyramid height above the ground is 450.13 feet. One side of the pyramid is 754,59 feet, which consists of huge stone cubes in amount of 2.3 million only on one side. Originally, it can be counted 210 stone tiers in pyramid, today – 203. If we talk about the weight of stones, the average weight of only one is 2.5 tons, but there are larger samples, that weight over 15 tons! To this day there are hot disputes among scientists about the real time of construction.

The most popular legend tells that the pyramid was built by Pharaoh Khufu at XXVI century BC. Greek interpretation of the name Khufu sounds no doubt, as “Cheops”. Hemiun, relative and vizier of Cheops, is considered to be a Creator (architect) of majestic architectural monument. If we’ll believe Herodotus, hundreds of thousands of workers were driven to build, they were changed every three months, and a pyramid was built allegedly for 20-25 years.

Modern scientists call these data in question, in their view; the construction was not so grandiose. It is believed that 8,000 workers would be enough to build the pyramids, and besides the workers wouldn’t disturb each other.


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