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Day 1 : Arrival to Cairo/Start of your journey

Welcome to Egypt!! Our “Egypt Tours Portal” representative will receive you at Cairo International Airport and assist you to skip customs, luggage checks, and official procedures then you will be picked up in a private deluxe air-conditioned vehicle and transported to check in the 5* hotel and relax. Dinner Time Evening time, you will be taken to enjoy the most mesmerizing dinner cruise and capture exceptional moments among the Egyptian food, the Nile scenes and the local whirling dervishes, and the traditional shows. Overnight We will transfer you back to your hotel.

Day 2 :

Let’s enjoy your breakfast then you will join your tour guide in a deluxe private A/C vehicle to visit: Giza Pyramids Complex The breathtaking necropolis of the Giza Pyramids Complex is one of the holiest places in history since it involves some of the ancient precious wonders which were formed by the ancient Egyptian civilization. Three impressive pyramids were a great representation of the complex and the bigger one of them was regarded as one of the world’s timeless miracles. The Great Pyramid On the heavenly grounds of Giza is the cosmic and fictitious pyramid of Pharaoh Khufu (2609 BC – 2584 BC) which was the most soaring construction on the planet since its invention in 2570 BC for over 3800 years which stood at a height of 138.5 meters (454.4 ft) and was made up of 2.3 limestone blocks that he’s a total weight of 6 million tons. The pyramid is known to encounter the four cardinal points of the compass and the last standing member of the seven wonders of the ancient world.  The Great Sphinx The Sphinx is the miraculous lion sculpture that sits in the heart of the Giza Complex as a spectacular symbol of intensity and courage. The Sphinx is a massive limestone statue dedicated to Pharaoh Khafre which was established during the 4th dynasty. The Valley Temple The Valley Temple which was built during the fouth dynasty of King Khafre is a mighty structure that was greatly erected for purification and mummification in a magical ritual known as the Opening of the Mouth Ceremony and as a funerary temple to host the rituals and the main religious festivals. The Grand Egyptian Museum The Grand Egyptian Museum is a golden portal leading to cosmic ancient Egyptian creations of celestial intelligence that were cultivated across 5000 years of continuous innovation and vivid artistic imagination. Within this colossal wonder is the once-in-a-lifetime chance to discover some of the greatest archaeological monuments and artifacts ever made which include : The Hanging Obelisk, King Ramses Il Statue, The 10 Statues of King Senusert, The Grand staircase, Statues of Ptolemaic Kings and Queens, The Victory Column of King Mercnptah, The epic Royal Regalia, and the Grand Atrium & Gift show.  There is a VIP ticket that gives access to witness a number of other artifacts, for more information contact us. Lunch Time Lunch will be proceeded at a good quality restaurant then head to witness: The Egyptian Museum The Egyptian Museum is the house of legacy and glory built in 1901 where many thousands of ancient pharaonic ruins and artifacts kept for thousands of years. The contents of the museum date back to many various periods of Egypt’s history and it’s the museum is an actual display of funerary objects, papyrus papers, wooden coffins, and many more. Overnight You will transfer you to your hotel for the overnight. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 3:

You will enjoy your breakfast at the hotel then you will join your private tour guide to visit the best Coptic highlights in Cairo including: St Virgin Mary Church St Virgin Mary Church is located in Maadi and the church of St Mary is regarded as one of the most beautiful Coptic attractions in Cairo. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and it had witnessed the first steps of the holy family for their journey to Upper Egypt by the Nile. St Virgin Mary Church has the finest architectural design. Lunch Time A tasty lunch will be served at a local restaurant then you will move to visit: The Hanging Church This marvelous Hanging church is one of Egypt’s oldest Christian religious sites which was established during the 9th century. The name is derived from the location of the church since it hanged atop the walls of the Roman Fortress of Babylon. The Church of St Sergius & Bacchus Saint Sergius Church is an impressive Coptic church in Old Cairo that dates back to the 5th century. The site is believed that it was constructed over a cave at the same place where the Holy Family stayed for three weeks. Abu Serga was greatly built to commemorate the two Roman soldiers Sergius and Bacchus who were martyred in Syria for their Christian beliefs. The Church of Saint Menas It’s one of the oldest Coptic churches which is situated in Fum El Khalig in Old Cairo. The Church of Saint Menas is dedicated to Saint Mina. The original church was constructed in the 6th century but it was largely destructed and the recreation of the current building dates back to the 12th century. The church was involving the possessions of Saint Mina before it was moved to his monastery in Alexandria. Overnight We will drive you back to your hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 4:

Check out after breakfast then we will pick you up by a private air-conditioned vehicle to: Wadi El Natroun Wadi El Natroun is one of Egypt’s renowned Christian places. A personal Egyptologist will escort you to this holy site which was the real birthplace of Christian monasticism. Wadi El Natroun maintained an essential historical position when it hosted thousands of Christians who escaped from the persecution of the Roman Emperor in the 4th century. The site involved approximately 50 monasteries. However, there are only 4 monasteries that exist today. You will start your trip to Wadi El Natroun by visiting Al Baramus Monastery then move to witness the Monastery of Saint Bishoy where Anba Bishoy had been buried. In addition, you will be guided to marvel at the Syrian Monastery and impressed by the wonderful architecture and charming arts and structures. Lunch Time After that, we will drive you to Alexandria where appetizing lunch will be served at a restaurant. Overnight Check-in 5* hotel to spend the night in Alexandria. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Alexandria Hotel

Day 5

Breakfast at the hotel then your tour guide will receive you to begin a marvelous journey to the best historical and Coptic attractions in Alexandria including: Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa The Catacombs is a major burial necropolis that dates back to the 2nd century AD. However, it had commonly been used during the 4th century AD. The Catacombs was founded in 1900, and the building consists of three levels, and it contains a six-pillared central shaft that leads to the entrance hall. Qaitbay Citadel The Citadel of Qaitbey is one of the Mediterranean strongest fortresses which was established in 1477 AD by Sultan Qaitbey and it was designed by the finest Mamluk architecture. The citadel was one of the most powerful fortification systems in the world in the 15th century and in addition to its military importance, its role extended to store ships and weapons in 1517 AD and during the next three centuries. Catholic church of St Catherine This is the time to discover one of the holiest landmarks in Alexandria; Saint Catherine Church is a very ancient Roman monument that was erected in 1882. The church was created at the same place as the Crusader monastery belonging to the Augustinians. Most of the church is ornamented with Crusader wall decoration and most of the internal chambers contain a number of chapels. Lunch Time Lunch will be proceeded at a very good restaurant then head to have a photo stop in front of: Alexandria Library Alexandria Library is the oldest public governmental library in history and it’s enough to know that the ancient bibliotheca which was built during the Ptolemy Age contained 700,000 books. However, the modern library was reconstructed in 1974 and it was officially opened in 2002 as the most famous worldwide encyclopedia. Overnight You will return to Cairo and spend the night at the 5* hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 6

Have breakfast then you will be accompanied by your private Egyptologist tour guide and transfer you to El Matariya (Ancient Heliopolis) where: The Virgin’s Mary Tree The tree of the Virgin Mary is an ancient sycamore tree that was the shelter of the Holy Family during their journey in Egypt. This scared tree was a pilgrimage destination for many centuries. At the same place, the child Jesus created a water spring from which the Virgin Mary bathed Jesus and the balsam plant grew. The Church of the Virgin Mary in Zeitoun The site is one of the destinations where the Holy Family settled during their stay in Egypt. The church was built by the Italian architect Leomengelli and its structure was affected by Italian art, and the walls of the church were decorated with carvings of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. Lunch Time Let’s have lunch at a local restaurant. Overnight You’ll get back to your hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 7:

After having breakfast you will be taken by a modern air-conditioned car with your private guide to visit: Virgin Mary Church Mostorod One of the most magical attractions in Egypt is the golden Virgin Mary Church of Mostorod where the essence of the great civilization will be showcased. It’s the bathing place where the Virgin Mary bathed the baby Jesus and it’s one of the best holy locations in Egypt. Meniet Samnoud The majestic Meniet Samnoud is a heavenly creation of bliss and grace worthy of exploring. It’s a small town where the Holy Family was warmly greeted and welcomed by its inhabitants and Jesus blessed them. It’s believed that the remnants of the ancient church had disappeared under the current significant church of St Abanoub. Lunch Time You will have your lunch, then you will visit: Sakha The golden city of Sakha is a work of magical and miraculous art and beauty filled with epic stories and natural beauty. This small village was passed by the foot of Christ. There, you will see the footprints of Jesus carved on a rock stone by the Virgin Mary. Overnight You will drive back to the Cairo hotel for the overnight. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 8

Prepare yourself to continue your Holy Family trip, and after breakfast, you will be picked up by a private car, and your personal guide and drive you to: The Village of Tel Basta The magical village of Tel Basta is an epic attraction known to a holy place where the Christ created a water spring to drink during their quest across the blessed lands of Egypt during the heavenly quest of the holy family that lasted for many years across the many cities of Egypt. Tanis Everyone will get the golden chance to visit the magical city of tanis one of the oldest cities in the city of mankind which was the central piece of the incredible movie” Raiders of the Last Ark”. Everyone will visit some of the ancient temples and tombs dated back to the 26th dynasty. Lunch Time We will transfer you to Ismailia to have lunch. Overnight Spend the night at the hotel. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Ismailia Hotel

Day 9:

Check out after having breakfast in Ismailia and you will start your tour to Sinai. You will take the route by a private air-conditioned vehicle to: The Sinai Peninsula The magical land of Sinia will offer everyone the vacation of a lifetime across the divine and beautiful land of Sinia. Everyone will pass by the springs of Moses (Oyoun Mousa) and then move to the hot springs of Hammam Pharaohs till you will arrive at Abu Zanima, the fishermen’s town. Lunch Time Have Lunch then continue until you reach the desert oasis of Wadi Firan and visit the Monastery of Nuns. Overnight You’ll be taken to spend the night in Catherine. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch Overnight: Catherine Hotel

Day 10:

Have an early morning start roughly at 02:00 am and you will be taken to Moses Mountain where you will join your Bedouin guide and start climbing the mountain and once you reach, you will be face to face with the greatest monastery in history: St Catherine Monastery It’s one of the most beautiful Christian destinations in the world which was established by the Emperor Justinian in 527 AD on the remnants of an ancient church built in 337 AD by the empress Helena. The breathtaking monastery has maintained a special religious position in ancient history that’s why it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. We will drive you to your hotel to have breakfast and then pack your luggage. Overnight Prepare yourself to get back to Cairo and spend the night at the 5* hotel. Meals: Breakfast Overnight: Cairo Hotel

Day 11: Departure from Cairo to your final destination


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