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$250 per person

Duration – 1 day 3.30 to 23.30
Days: Tuesday-Friday

Sightseeing Petra will become an unforgettable adventure
Sightseeing tour in Aqaba

Nuweiba offers beautiful views of the Gulf of Aqaba and three countries: Israel (Elate), Jordan (Aqaba), and Saudi Arabia

Sharm El Sheikh to Petra Tour program:

  • We leave Sharm El Sheikh by bus, and then go to Aqaba, then to Jordan by ferry
  • We visit ancient Nabataean city of Petra, carved into the rock
  • Lunch at local restaurant (included in tour price)
  • Return by ferry to Aqaba, and by bus to Sharm El Sheikh

What should you take:

  • Passport
  • Breakfast from hotel
  • Water

We recommend wearing comfortable clothes and shoes during the tour.

Jordan is a unique country. This land has preserved a lot of monuments reminding about the events taking place here since the Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman empires. Ancient buildings closely adjoin or are built on the ruins of earlier civilizations of the Neolithic era and Ancient Egypt.

Official statistics counts about 16 thousand monuments. All of them are under state protection and are the pride of Jordanians. Priceless treasure, included in 2007 to another list – List of World Heritage UNESKO, is Petra. You can book tour from Sharm el Sheikh to Petra on our website.

Carved into the steep pink cliffs, this city-fortress was hidden from prying eyes for many years. Only in the early 19th century Swiss traveler Johann Burckhardt, who looked for it for many years, could discover Petra.

Even guides honestly admit that there is no consensus about the origin of the amazing city. According to some sources, it is work of the Nabataeans, other sources claim that the Egyptians built it, and others – the Romans, the fourth – the Crusaders. There also are exotic versions: the city was built by ancient Atlants.

Officially accepted theory tells: Petra was the capital of the ancient Nabataean kingdom that existed on the territory of modern Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria in the IV – II century BC.

The town lies in a valley sheltered by rocks, at an altitude of about 850 m at sea level. This location was very convenient for the people who controlled the trade routes of ancient Arabia and collected tribute for the protection and escort of caravans.

A Wadi al-Musa wady goes from east to Petra through the es-Siq gorge. After a rather long transition among cliffs (height from 70 to 120 m) you can see a magnificent picture – two-tiered facade of the building about 65,62 ft height with columns in the Greco-Roman style and stone carved figures. It’s the El Khazneh. Purpose of the building is unknown.

Next to the amphitheater, there is the whole “street” of pink and red stone facades. In some places they are almost invisible due to heavy weathering. At different heights there are holes in the walls: the entrances to different rooms or tombs. Some preserved rock carvings and inscriptions. Staircases leading up are carved over fronted tombs in the walls: it was believed that the soul rises via them to heaven.

The street leads to one more amazing building – stone carved amphitheater for 3000 people. It is believed that the first levels were built by Nabateans, and the rest were filled by Romans. A flat ground is located above it, on the ridge of a hill – a place of sacrifice.

Another large stone facade reminding of El Khazneh is the monastery of el Deir. Its height is 46 m. Not only beauty, but also a giant size of the building is astonishing.

Viewing Peter is better in the rising morning sun or at sunset. Game of shades of pink and red stone will add a sense of magic. No wonder the ancient city is called the eighth wonder of the world.


$250 per person

Duration – 1 day 3.30 to 23.30
Days: Tuesday-Friday

Sightseeing Petra will become an unforgettable adventure
Sightseeing tour in Aqaba



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